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Princess Diana

 But we now have extra evidence that poor unfortunate girl (Diana) was used in a cloning operation to replicate our Lord Jesus Christ who’s blood was retrieved from the Shroud of Turin, the DNA extracted from that Blood to fertilize an egg obtained from that Christian lady, Diana who worked tirelessly for the abolition of land mines and would never have stood for William to be used in such an evil way, so she had to be got rid of, (why did the ambulance take one hour forty minutes to get to the hospital because it gave someone time to do something to her)  she was against the evils of land mines how much more against the ultimate evil that is going to take place in Jerusalem and what a perfect mother in death.

 Ronn Wyatt confirmed when the Ark of the Covenant was unearthed (from below the crucifixion site) that the Blood analyzed from the Mercy Seat only contained a Y chromosome, when this is combined with Diana’s DNA, fertilization commences, Satan then will have successfully created another Jesus Christ, LITTERALY, forget about the fake Jesus’s of the goddess Ester (easter) you know the one the Romans worshiped during Constantine’s time giving out “eggs, rabbits”, and the image of the goddess of fertility, Ester  a woman holding a baby, (and you thought this represented HOLY MARY) who the church of Rome categorically maintains everyone must worship Ester not only this will be law in the new world order but everyone must observe Sunday as the Sabbath. It will be “sin” to go against the law and “church” they will quote a scripture (sin is the transgression of the law) and the penalty of sin is death.    

 Satan has organized that when the third Temple in Jerusalem is finished and the Pope of Rome goes there who will proclaim he is God (he already tells everyone he is the son of God) and gives all power to William as King of the New world order there by uniting two religions into One faith on earth, and proclaiming “Peace” the seven years of tribulation begin, one world faith, one world bank, god (Pope) and jesus (on earth with us.

Half way through the seven years the 144,000 are called up 12,000 each from the tribes of Israel, 12,000 from the tribe of Simeon and Levi each who are the Jews of today, also Benjamin who live in that part of the world, if you doubt these words are not pertaining to us read Genesis 49:17 today the Danish consider themselves Israelite or tribe of Dan, the British did uttered these words at the coronations of their kings and queens then decided to suspend this word in modern times.

But where is the church (the Bride) she is comprised of countless number of people already alive and a great multitude of Souls who are dead in CHRIST Name hiding at a place of safety waiting for the Groom as Paul quotes what is important is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and we can only get that on the day of Pentecost.    



CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST (Feast of Trumpets)

The FEAST of TRUMPETS, the heralding or warning to the people of something coming or already here, providential to our world today.

Leviticus 23:23, 24. The FEAST this year is on the first New Moon of Ethanim or in the Roman calendar 5th of September, this Thursday

Because we as humans can’t please GOD the least we must do is to observe HIS Holy Days and Sabbaths, perhaps the Holy Spirit will teach us how to improve.

But consider this, all this adds up to the thousand years rule of Christ, if you die now and have accepted Jesus Christ as YOUR Saviour you will continue through the thousand years but, if You are not one of Christ’s You will miss out living though the most beautiful time in history. There will be lots of gnashing of teeth, and kicking of oneself. The rest of the dead lived not until the thousand years were finished  Rev 20:5


A world war is on the horizon the nation of Ephraim (America) is being purposely weakened internally her young men are being conditioned mentally to be sick of war’s unlike Russia, China, Iran, etc. young men are stronger mentally and it is prophesied that  Ephraim will fall Isaiah 7:8 if She goes to Syria.    

God says he created everything and in six days started the clock but there were things left over from the first creation example fossils in million year rocks He left them so we would have a discipline called archeology He doesn’t want us to be bored He put Satan on this world He could have put him at the end of the universe but he put him here to deceive us with lies and give us a choice listen to God or Satan  

Archaeologists dig up rocks with fossils of strange creatures embedded in them these are clearly older than six thousand years old

As a Christian you have to believe that God was responsible for Evolution also a special Creation six thousand years back

After the thousand years of Christ’s rule mankind reverts back to being an animal why because we get sick of technology plus Satan is released from jail and deceives the world again Rev 20: 3


Those Women mentioned in the Bible one is the great whore who is drunk on the blood of the Saints Rev 17: 6 and the other Woman is the Church Christ builds, who is taken to a place of safety. Consider Noah’s Ark as example  also the wilderness where The Woman and her offspring ( the commandment keeping ones) will be safe, it will have to be a country that has had no wars fought on its soil, and be easily protected by Angles

No matter if the Truth upsets some individuals it will be proclaimed, Satan gives the World the “finger” telling us he can produce any disaster and get away with it CIA, JFK, 9/11, the rapid rise of Obama to the White House, the destruction of the Constitution, the takeover of the American government by the Zionists, deceiving Israel in ancient times to take action against Christ. now pushing the US to war, this will be the second time Satan has controlled the Jewish People, the nullifying of millions of peoples brains to invent a jesus in their imagination as a crutch instead of a REAL SAVIOUR.

And the latest supposed act of Satan, the blood of Jesus Christ  Ronn Wyatt discovered when the Ark of the Covenant was found was stolen and the DNA impregnated into a surrogate  mother, we now have a clone of Jesus Christ walking on the Earth, there’s also another anti-christ and this one has muscle to back him up, but the difference with the clone Christ is people will love him and accept him as a god. This is the one who will go to the third Temple in Jerusalem and pollute the HOLY PLACE with his phoniness.

But wait there is another scenario, the blood from the Ark of the Covenant was not used for the cloning but “they ” used the blood from the Shroud of Turin, this is more plausible, allowing for the child to grow up to be at the right age (30)) mirroring Christ.

But what about if the thing is a baby now? And Satan transforms it into creature, I personally think he could do this, if this is the case the people will be forced to love the god, with the idea that the false christ is already an established figure much respected and loved by people other than British citizens the people will be deceived willingly no need to force the matter.

We have to wait and see who or what steps into the third Temple in Jerusalem, to open the ARK and retrieve the ten Commandments.

 If one continues to read Rev 12 : 17 You will find the Children of this woman (CHURCH keeping the Commandments of God:) Maybe this frightens You, it’s too much (strong meat) Heb 5 : 12 what then because we’re under Grace we trash the Law Rom 6 : 14,15



Washington DC, General Glover is on the phone to personnel on duty at Exmouth West Australia, they’re reporting what appears to be a mountain many miles long suddenly forming not far from their base at Exmouth running north and south, the guys are frozen in their tracks Ian hands the phone to Harry “Harry you explain to the General, and besides your senior at this post, plus I am lost for words,” Harry hesitates and reluctantly with sweaty hands does his best to translate what he sees, still not believing, “General Glover, it’s really big maybe ten thousand feet high, there are lights everywhere, the whole thing appears translucent and at the base there are enormous glass-like constructions similar to giant sporting venues on connecting arms and under these arms, an eight-lane highway runs north and south”, slowly composing himself Harry notices he’s been shouting all the time. “General Clover do we approach this thing and check it out?” asks Bob, “OK, but be careful” adds the General and I will send a company there immediately to evaluate, after I confer with the President, we do have a carrier visiting Perth at the moment, so I’ll request them to send a chopper up to look round, over and out”.

Somewhere on the East Coast The Six-pack family Bob, Betty and the three kids Sammy, Samantha, and CPU ‘he was called that because of his fascination with computers’ and of course Henry the Rottweiler have started their annual vacation, Sammy and Samantha are also keen for their Mum and Dad to check out WA, Bob has heard that there is a huge con¬construction job going on there, Betty his wife smiling admonishes him; “you bloody idiot ( even though the family had an interest in theology, they weren’t adverse to cussing occasionally) Betty continues, the whole of West Australia is a big construction job”. Bob replies “yes” but this one is different honey” he elaborates, their using heat from a nuclear source plus compression on carbon to make diamond-like building materials, and there is nothing has hard as a diamond it’s revolutionizing the shapes to which their architects can imagine, with light, they tell me that there’s staircases and roof sections that go enormous distances and the whole thing appears transparent with natural stored light that can be turned on or off. Betty with an excited look on her face said “Yeah the girls were talking about a place called Manasseh city United Counties its one huge company that’s building the city, mostly in the form of a mountain made of that diamond stuff you were talking about and it has an eight-lane highway running parallel on both sides the rest is below ground and that part is in the form of structural material with a glass-like appearance the whole city run’s from Israelite bay in the south, north to the Kimberley’s and between ten and twenty thousand feet high there’s farms used for farming cold weather crops on top,” As soon as Betty mentioned the airport was positioned in the middle and was also on top with ten runways to cater to the many people coming from, around the world to study God’s government Bob quickly interrupted “Come on Betty lets go there for our holidays” they were like two kids visualizing a wonder world, Bob with an inquiring look interrupted Betty, “ Wait up: Manasseh wasn’t he a son of Joseph in the Bible, and the other son was Ephraim”? “Yes answered Betty, but we will have to wait till were there and find out for sure “Sammy smiling said, “Cool; with the airport at ten thou¬sand feet there shouldn’t be any delays in flying due to bad weather” Samantha, interjected “I guess that means we dress for cold weather” CPU let out a yell “Forget the clothes let me at the electronics” they all looked at one another and laughed. The boarding lounge at the airport was set up as a virtual A388 and the entrance said “Welcome aboard”, and there was a hologram in the center of the room showing Manasseh city in miniature complete with people going about their business in real time; Bob and Sammy both commentated what a wonderful model for a war room the hologram would make, Bob had to prize the family away their mouths still agape and everyone was talking at once, some attendant was very agitated almost pushing everyone to board the real plane, now, the 388 was full. There baggage was in a special compartment under the floor in front of their seats and of course Henry was also there in his special box, the least complicated system was for strong lads to lift your luggage and accompany it to your seat, you never got separated from it, and it created employment, because the modern aircraft were specially built with these compartments, distributing the weight more evenly. A tall guy standing near the bar, maybe six two was staring at Bob and began to approach, “Excuse me sir just a quick word” Bob wasn’t a timed fellow and confronted the guy head on “What’s the problem?” the big guy opened his coat and took out a handheld monitor smack in the middle was a picture of another guy that looked like Bob, the whole family was looking and almost as one said “that’s a bad imitation of our Dad” the big guy asked Bob to shake hands, for DNA recognition, the situation returned to normal as soon as Bob’s ID became obvious, the big guy showed no feelings but apologized, “Sir I am a Robotic Air Marshal R.A.M. for short we’re the ground defense in a Satellite system to combat terrorists, “But you look like a normal person” said Bob. “I am the newest product with Human like qualities” the machine said, “I am not like the old computers that failed to respond, especially to your Emails, I will acknowledge all requests put to me”, Bob’s mind was just about exploding, “What happens if there is an incident here on the plane”, “Well a chain of commands is set and if the target is deemed to be life-threatening a Laser from our Military Satellite takes out the subject”. Whether it’s a missile, human, military tank or even a aircraft carrier, these Laser’s come from Satellites, which are launched from the Moon and circle the Earth, because Laser’s need enormous amounts of electric power each has its own Nuclear power station, there fuel rods are cooled from space. No one had noticed the plane had taken off and was already well on its way. That’s the first time everyone had flown without being seated, the new system was that you could buckle up standing up Wow; was the only word Bob could hear as the family took up their seats. “Betty, can you believe what we just saw?” Bob said. CPU was uncontrollable, he was sort of banging his head on the seat, and saying “I am in heaven,” there was complete silence from everyone, and then Samantha quickly said “We all better revise our old fashion ideas, this place we visiting looks as though its way ahead of anything we can imagine. They all started to talk together. Sammy louder as usual almost shouting “loved the hologram display at the airport, imagine something like that fighting the Abu Sayyaf terrorist, he went on to say, there appeared to be a lot of cars and Mobile Homes underground they must run on electricity or some other nonpolluting fuel” the guy sitting next to Sammy opened up, “Gid Day my name is Sonny I live there, yep just about everyone has a M.A.U. mobile accommodation unit, they run on L.P.G and electric motors, we also have a hobby farm out of town, and a shop in the city to conduct business if we wish and only pay counsel fees which amount to about one thousand credits per year. Most visits their farms on their weekends, people nominate which two days they want off, Friday and Saturday are popular because of religious reasons, same with Sunday and Monday, the traffic on the Expressway is rarely congested. On their weekend people leave there week jobs and head out. It’s in the law that all places people gather either for work or pleasure have to provide parking for MAU’s, they must have fresh water, drainage facilities plus power connections. A school, store etc., it’s mandatory. All emergency hospitals are mobile”. Bob was getting sick of the word “Wow”. Just as things were settling down the monitors came to life with an announcement concerning the currency being used at Manasseh city United Counties, people were reminded to log in with their personal ATM phones, visitors to the city will be required to obtain these machines at the Central Bank or one of the private banks that are a franchise of the Commonwealth: upon arrival, it was stressed that no other currency will be accepted in the business houses, it added all other money can be converted to the local currency simply, the announcement continued “Because the eastern states had not yet agreed to subtracting one hour, west time would still remained one hour ahead, hoping for an agreement to establish an Australian Universal Time, for the sake of business practices. Everyone was drier than a lizard flat out on a hot rock; Sammy suggested “let’s all go to the Bar” he invited his new friend Sonny, who was pressing numbers on a small personal ATM phone with the letters ATM Phone stamped on the case Sammy with his eyes wide with anticipation and focused on Sonnies actions was unable to control himself, but it was Sonny who sensed it all and put the machine in Sammy’s hand saying “We are required to log in on our return home this unit also serves as a passport, look I have already done so,” the machine came to life with lights and the words Welcome Home on the screen. All the family was taking note. CPU was jumping up and down grabbing Sonnies arm “Will I be able to get one of those” “Sure if your ten years old” answered Sonny, after a couple of hours everyone was clued up on the Digital phone, thanks to Sonny, he pointed out that there was only talk mode, no text, that was allocated (text) to private enterprise. But there were other buttons namely, Medical, education, help button etc for humans, also veterinarian credits too, of course, a country had to be well off to afford this luxury. There was an Inbox button where you kept all the important information, such as your downloads, videos, music, Gold savings account etc., that interested Sammy, Sonny pointed out that if the phone ever broke or was lost he never lost his important information, everything was stored in those satellites come HOTELS that circled the Earth he further pointed out he buys Gold when he can, to hedge against the falling value of World paper currencies. They also learnt that the only drinks available were natural juices frozen or hot beverages in stainless steel containers, just add cold or hot water the instructions said, not a soft drink was in sight, and in fact there was no plastic anywhere, of course all alcoholic drinks were on tap including homebrew. Betty was overjoyed about this saying “it’s about time we had a healthy choice, wait till I tell the girls back home” Sonny was tickled pink at being the center of attention and said “When we arrive home why don’t we all have a night out on the town” Samantha was first, followed by the rest “Great idea and thanks” A voice was coming over the system reminding passengers that we will be landing in a few minutes, the pilot suggested we glance right to view a giant thunderstorm over the city he added it was sixty miles high into the stratosphere and we will experience turbulence. All the gang were still hooked on the view, what they saw was a mountain made of glass full of light, now Bob was not hearing the word wow any more but, “Oh isn’t that beautiful, I don’t believe it”, and the flashes of lighting, added to the excitement, “Come on everyone we better sit down,” Bob and Betty were congratulating each other on taking their vacation here and not somewhere else. Of course the plane was struck by lightning but nobody noticed a thing, and the pilots were used to thunderstorms in the west, they were always big, something to do with all the iron ore and perhaps Gold in the ground and they filled the whole sky not just random single strikes. Ram was standing close and said “United Counties gets a lot of electricity from thunderstorms; it complements the other fuel sources, uranium, sunlight, wind generation” everyone stopped talking, and focused on Ram, still with no expression, “Sorry was I interrupting.” No-no, replied everyone, thanks for the info. Sonny broke in “You’ll all get used to conversing with Robots, there’s half-million where we’re going, “Try and make time to visit the High Farms and join the Robots attending to the crops.” Betty warned the family we better not walk around with our mouths open all the time otherwise people will think there is something wrong with us. The plane was taxiing, and was now lined up with the domestic loading arm; nobody heard the hostess thanking them for travelling 388 the group was the first to pass through to where the sign said Visitors Here Please, accompanied with their baggage handlers, and of course Henry their Rottweiler, everyone had to pass through security scanners to an area that was huge but there were small areas were comfortable chairs were grouped around an oval floor. All the family sat down and a human lady came to them welcoming them to WA she had with her small handheld machines same as what Sonny had, “Please place your thumb, for fingerprint on the pad and lift the corner to your right eye for iris recognition, she motioned with her hand, this will also be your approval to the terms and conditions; Fine, do you wish to convert your currency now” Bob quickly got his wallet out and produced his bank card, in no time Bobs personal ATM phone read 50,000 Credits, plus a phone number. CPU got his and complained there were no credits showing, Dad said he would fix that later. With everyone complete with their personal ATM phones they rejoined Sonny who took them to the main entrance, there were other people converging to this area, apparently from international flights. A neon sign beckoned them to familiarize themselves with the workings of the city and the completely different System it operates under. Sonny who was familiar with the attraction said he was going to take the tour again just in case anyone had questions, but of course everyone knew the real reason was Samantha. The giant screen simply said “Welcome to Manasseh City United Counties Australia” and an enormous flag showing a big North Star and the Southern Cross familiar to that part of the world, the background was dark and the Stars appeared to shine brightly against the flags opaqueness. Huge Elevators with many seats transported passengers down, the first stop was what appeared to be a Hospital complex, after that were giant I MAX theaters the first showed the start of the Milky Way how it was formed by two giant masses smashing together and the planets forming; the explanation called this the first mathematical equation or the law of Duality System, one plus one equals one whole thing, it also gave examples, Man + woman=One birth, Brain + body equals one whole human being, it added, no aspersions intended to people with damaged brains, it followed that they should consult Physicians in the city who have the knowledge to rectify the problem, then there was another example; Active plus minus dc volts means your car has a good chance of starting, it went on to add Old + New Testaments meant One book, this got the attention of Bob and Betty who had an interest in theology, They were nudging one another Betty was first to speak, “Bob were going to love it here” Bob was quick to reply “I only hope it’s not a strict type of church.” Betty added “You know Bob it reminds me of Noah’s Ark, as if we being saved,”other floors going down were devoted to more History, Evolution and the Special Creation kept Bob and Betty debating long after moving on. On reaching the ground floor (Sonny’s Gang) as it was now called disembarked from the cab, it was as if everyone was talking at once, they all agreed on what they saw regarding the formation of the Milky Way, but there was altercation in regard to Evolution plus Special Creation, for years it was either one or the other, now there being told that both were true, Evolution was indeed millions of years old, but Special Creation the last of seven or forty thousand years was a more recent event. Bob quipped “At least I know how I got my hairy chest; one of my relatives married a caveman”. Betty replied “Maybe it was the other way around”, both had a chuckle. Before them was an enormous auditorium where the walls and ceiling were constructed of clear glass-like material, and at the back was an orchestra playing classical music by musicians in clothes of the nineteenth century. “What’s this” said Bob? Sonny quickly answered “This is not a fake this is the real performance of Mozart made possible by back to the future video,” “Hang on a minute you mean some guys went back and captured the real thing”? Bob All most shouted “wow” and stopped remembering he didn’t like that expression. “Yup it’s called the Lazarus Dimension,” calmly answered Sonny. Bob commanded everyone not to shout that word “Wow”. Sonny reminded everyone “If there is a crime the Authorities come and video what happened at the scene later and put out an all-points bulletin, catch the person and the video convicts them”. Sonny emphasized that it was made possible through the parallel universe, Bob halted the group “What if we wanted to live here permanently”? Bob asked. Sonny smiling said “I for one would love that idea,” glancing towards Samantha who also was smiling. “There are schools that educate you on just about everything, if you decide to take up residence here, because the world has never lived under the right system the powers to be, have requested GOD to allow this place to experience a truly Peaceful Orderly lifestyle under His System before the Second Coming. It was pointed out that utter chaos will follow that event, Economies will crash, business will come to a halt, except here of course, Muslim retaliation due to The Christ standing on the Dome of the Rock, the armies of the World will assemble and Armageddon will commence to fight against the New System. Which is opposite to the system that has existed since time immemorial”, added Sonny. They journeyed through to a bank of vehicles resembling elevators, that were loading people, Sonny explained these were like cabs in a city, all the group filed into the first available ‘cab’ and sat down, these ‘cabs’ sometimes waited to one side in holding pens until they were required, the operator asked “Where to” Sonny said “Basement five, thanks” then leveled his ATM phone and pressed some numbers, immediately the thing took off, “Mike’s my name” said the operator and continued to give a oratory on each level the elevator passed going down vertically then horizontally, all the time everyone could see outside, it was a city within the mountain made of transparent diamond like material also, the view was never ending, some of the inhabitants were ether out or asleep as there were black sections, some of the buildings even showed people at work in offices, some sections of the mountain were open and you could see the stars, the buildings attached to the sides meant they must have been ten thousand feet high, plus some even continued further, maybe ten stories above the mountain, only added to the effect. Samantha sitting next to Sonny whispered “with all this hi-tech how come the elevators are controlled by humans? “Jobs,” answered Sonny softly,” Same with the airport baggage handlers, its job creation, anyway all the computerization is handled by smart machines” never the less Christ would prefer people to have their own business, they went from the ground level further down stopping at a place with lots of indoor plants, and an equal number of Motor Homes, Sonny held the door of the cab and jested for everyone to follow him to his M.A.U and invited them in, Sonny’s Home was the latest with push outs, which meant the six foot wide became twelve foot. “Everybody make yourselves comfortable said Sonny while I check things out,” Samantha, touching Mums arm said “that’s what I like about Sonny he’s so organized” Betty in turn caught Bobs attention and remarking “OH oh looks like we might have a potential son in law, Samantha face was flushed, “Don’t be silly a little angrily, I am only making an observation,” still she started to observe Sonny more now and wondering about the future.

The US base at Exmouth was under control of two Agents Harry and Ian, who met up with other military personnel from the US that the General had sent so with AUS personnel they quickly gained entrance to the mountain and found themselves in what all agreed reminded them of a giant shopping mall except people appeared to live there also. There were small tricycle vehicles jostling around the guys asking where they wanted to go, Harry and Ian had found a coffee shop, and were told they needed ATM phones to purchase things, the proprietor suggested they go to the closest branch of Commonwealth Bank, a cab could take them there no worries. The others walked around admiring the shops, and little did they realize they were themselves being watched. And wasn’t long before the city’s security system called Robotrons were on alert; these machines were concealed in lockers everywhere throughout the city, they weren’t much different to RAM the robotic air marshal the Six-pack family encountered on the 388 plane, they also wore immaculate suits, but these machines stood seven foot tall. They came to investigate the guys and asked for their ID’s and ordered them to hand over there side arms to the chief Robotron who said they could pick their guns up at the security office motioning towards a brightly lit counter where they entered; When they leave the City. Of course there always has to be one and the guy with the fifty caliber weapon objected and proceeded to slip the weapon off his shoulder, immediately all hell broke loose Robotrons from hundreds of lockers hidden against the walls opened all at once letting the Robotrons out allowing them to converge on the area and surround the soldiers, as one they snapped to attention and a shaft of light came down from above entering the guys left ear, everyone knew straight away his balance was affected because the guy staged about for a while and then collapsed in a heap. The Robotrons ordered everyone to stand still, they assured everyone that their friend would recover, and then added no one was permitted to pull a gun within City limits. News crews appeared like magic, one stated it was International.
The boys gathered up their companion plus their weapons and left the City, it wasn’t long before General Glover was on the Sat Phone demanding what had happened, and of course, Harry did his best to do just that, the General interrupted Harry telling him to get information on the Laser that knocked out their companion and he the general would contact CIA Alice Springs.


With Sonny’s Mobile Unite secure, Betty asked Sonny “Would there be trouble walking around with Henry?” “I see other dogs on leads but the owners also carried poo poo bags and there are stations where the dog can go in sand areas with wash facilities” Sonny replied. They all filed out to the foyer and grabbed the first cab, these `cabs` looked like tricycles with a human driver, Samantha whispered to Sonny “More job creation” of course the Gang had to reserve two tricycles to accommodate everyone, even Henry started to enjoy himself. Sonny was in charge telling the gang “We’re all going to a restaurant with an infinity pool” the family had never heard of an infinity pool before, so everyone just looked blank. Henry posed no trouble up to now, in fact, people commented on what a lovely nature he had, CPU always had to mention that it was because he (Henry) had grown up with a kind family who treated him like a human being. The Gang ended up at a restaurant above the airport looking down on the whole airstrip which was oval in shape, perhaps three by five miles and landing strips moving about independently according to planes coming and going, the planes taking off never experienced taking off in the vortex created by a preceding plane, because the takeoff path always moved to a different position, flush doors at the end of runways could open automatically in the event of emergencies allowing vehicles out. Part of the restaurant jutted out from the side of the mountain and that’s where the pool was, “I bet, during the daytime, the view would be spectacular, maybe you could see Perth, mind you we can see the glow of the city’s lights even now.” Sammy said. Betty voiced disappointment that no one bought their swimsuits, just said “Next time,” but the big attraction was the night sky and the stars, Sonny and Samantha were seen exiting to an outside garden with drinks.
Because Harry was senior at Exmouth it was his job to once again inform General Glover on what was happening Down Under, “General Sir, the company is returning to the mountain city but we have to leave our weapons at the base and also Sir we will dress in civilian dress” Harry waited for the General to blow his top but Glover totally agreed. “Harry you take command of the guys I sent over before, and call me as soon as you have something concrete, to report”. General Glover ordered the boys to proceed to the Mountain as soon as possible as a company of heavy artillery was on its way from Perth; they were to rendezvous at a place called Israelite Bay County. General Glover ordered the boys to get information on so-called Laser weapon system. From the west coast A full mobilization of heavy artillery, Tanks, Black hawks etc. where moving towards the mountain city that mysteriously appeared, some of the personnel were heard saying “Maybe it was in one of those asteroids that came close to Earth or it came about by an act of GOD, like, disasters, except this, was in reverse, in the form of construction, instead of destruction. The Black Hawks returning reported the Mountain was indeed approx. one thousand miles long, with a huge airport in the middle and many commercial planes coming and going, the pilots also noted there were giant sections in the City that stored water, but most of the place seemed to be open to the sky. None of this was going unnoticed by the city Fathers who were keeping watch in one of four giant saucer-shaped flying vehicles stationed in the northern part of the city, these machines where so huge they were beyond description, and the docking bays that accommodated them could accommodate a fifty story building, each craft had its own war room complete with a model of every country on Earth, similar to the hologram of Manasseh city the Six-pack family viewed before getting on the plane at the start of their vacation. This meant a General could see in real time machinery, troops moving about on the ground or at sea and this was the case now. Calmly the President of United Counties ordered the General in charge of all Robotrons to action stations, and he put the city on War alert, all World humanitarian work, disaster relief would have to wait. Meanwhile the commander of the intruding force, was closing in on the Mountain City and at the City limits it wasn’t long before they were confronted with a delegation sent from the city, is comprised of three seven-foot tall Robotrons dressed in immaculate suits, “We represent the city of Manasseh and would appreciate all personnel wishing to do so accompanying us to discuss your intentions and a mutual solution to your apparent problem”. At first, the commander was taken aback but finally agreeing to accompany the robots to the city. The vehicle the Robots traveled in was quite unique, no doors were on the side only one huge door at the back every one sat down the problem was they were facing backwards but when the hatch closed the view reversed and the screen in front changed to a front view the driver was now looking at a virtual front, he had only two controls two hand grips the left to accelerate and brake the right to steer, The Commander was starting to regret being chosen for this operation Once inside Manasseh city, the Commander couldn’t believe his eyes, everything was perfectly normal, there was no panic, the people had what appeared to be flexible electronic newspapers and on the screen the headlines of their daily newspaper appeared. One of the Robotrons politely put the News in the Commanders hand saying “looks like you made the headlines” the front page showed a picture of the Commander and his entourage moving towards the city. On page two of the electronic newspaper was a letter from the City Fathers, saying, “Because of Extenuating circumstances the Authorities of Manasseh City are requesting the Commander to communicate with his Superiors, and not to make any rash decisions.”
Meanwhile, Harry and his group had reentered the city and discovered they needed ATM phones, so Bob volunteered to be the one to go to a Central Bank branch and acquire one. The guys entered the same place they had trouble last time, but nothing untoward transpired they hailed two Tricycles and told the guy could he take them to the closest Central Bank and they would pay the fare then, “No problem” was the reply from the young lad. The tricycles moved off and joined a four-lane highway suspended above, it was no time and Bob had his ATM phone with credits loaded from his paycheck, the next item was for the boys to meet up with the Commander at the southern end of the city. The tricycle drivers quickly reminded the boys they had to take a long distance Magnetic Levitation train, as it was a thousand miles to Israelite Bay County which was way down south. On their way to catch the train the boys noticed a Real Estate agent, so they all eagerly filled the shop up to the surprise of its owner, confronting him with questions on everything, answering the boys, the attendant politely told them, “First you apply for residence, then decide on what type of business you plan to set up, for instance, if it’s going to be a Service Station for cars, trucks etc. you find a location and approach a Bank to borrow credits, it’s understood all the Oil companies will put their own pumps in, the only stipulation is you must provide LPG gas, and electric charging points, no Oil Company can own a service station outright, this meant your station would have multiple brands to sell. The train south traveled below the first main floor which was transparent; there were other trains some stopping all stations others only at selective stops, and it was a double Decker, by now General Glover was on the phone shouting where on earth were they, as usual, it was Harry who did the explaining, “Sir this place is incredible it’s the most organized place I have ever been to, when we meet up with the guys from Perth they will confirm everything I have told you, Sir,,. The train took less than two hours to reach Israelite Bay County, Harry and his group soon joined the Commander’s party from Perth and other CIA personnel from Pine Gap Alice Springs, but before formalities ended, a great commotion started at an entrance leading to a large car park outside, where five police cars came screeching to a halt, alighting from them and barging through the doors were over twenty officers, with guns drawn. Harry said “Déjàvu’,” and led his group away immediately taking up a more safe viewing position, waiting for the show to start. In a split second hundreds of closets opened as far as the eye could see, and out came The Robotrons, pandemonium reigned with the Laser lights striking the Cops before any of them could get a shot off, it was all over before anyone could say “It’s better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick,” but this time it’s the Cops that got a poke in the ear upsetting there balance dramatically. Harry approached the Commander and told him their story about their encounter with the Robotrons the previous day, “Commander, these people said they can disable any person, machinery, even aircraft carriers,” added Harry.

Sonny’s Group. Had finished their meal at the Airport restaurant and Cpu was eagerly showing everyone his new purchase, the Electronic newspaper he bought at an electronics shop, CPU demonstrated how it folded up to put in his pocket, Sonny glanced at the headlines, casually exclaiming that the city was under attack from outsiders but they had been repelled, and now were in Hospital recovering. Everyone just muted “Oh” like old time residence, Samantha queried Sonny further and was told the East Australian Government had not yet come to terms with what they considered a foreign power taking up residence, they had even requested help from the U.S. The Federal Government even went as far as to say, this was the third time Australia had been successfully been invaded. Samantha quickly interjected, “When was the first and second-time OZ was invaded, Sun” she already had a nickname for Sonny. Sonny continued “The first time was when OZ was attached to Africa and the Neanderthals wandered across, to escape the homoerectus the second time was when people from India migrated here, but getting back to your original question, the Government in the East are worried, that millions of East coasters are leaving and coming to reside in West Aus, particularly Manasseh City and that many smaller Pacific countries are now under the umbrella of protection from United Counties of Australia as this part of the World was now known as.” Sonny’s group started on down from there evening of dining and Bob suggested: “It’s been one heck of a day and If nobody minded he would love to call it quits and look for a Hotel.” “Sure” answered Sonny, “Perhaps we could continue tomorrow.” With that, the group wandered off to find a Hotel. “It doesn’t matter what sort of Hotel, as long as there are beds,” said Bob. Sonny and Samantha said there good nights but continued looking at each other until it became embarrassing, and it took Betty to finally push everyone apart raising her voice “We all see one another tomorrow, Good Night”
Hotel Oui Mon Amour, each apartment had its own porch complete with table, chairs and big pot plants of flowers and vines, commanding a view of the Cities shops, Betty motioning towards a chair declared “That spot looking over the boutiques is mine.” The rooms weren’t large but a large TV screen took up one whole wall and apparently a three D view of a beach complete with ocean sounds could lull you
Off to sleep and a Mountain, scene wake you in the morning with bird calls

To Be Continued


After the disciples had partaken of the Last Supper with Christ and observed the days of Unleavened bread; The next big event was the day of Pentecost lets go to the Bible 1Cor 16:8 and here Paul mentions that he will stay until Pentecost’

The pivotal point is when the Northern hemisphere enters Spring and thats called the Spring Equinox which was 20 th March

lets work out when Pentecost is observed according to this year 2013

The equinox was 20th of March, the first New Moon after that date was 10th April this is the first of Nissan according to God’s Word on the 14th Nissan, or Roman Calendar  23rd April, was the crucifixion of Christ, on the evening before at 6pm 22nd April was the Last Supper.  In ancient times on the 14th of Nissan  a Lamb was slaughtered, the blood protected the Israelite s; In modern times Jesus Christ was  crucified on that date 14th Nissan. His blood saves Christians today, HIS blood at the time of the crucifixion  went down through the cracks after the earthquake and rested on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant (you can watch Ronn Wyatt video on my page;) protecting us from the penalty of sin which is death.

The day of Pentecost is made up of two parts first is seven Sabbaths from Christ’s death or from the first Sabbath 27th April to 8th June, the second part is fifty days from that date which brings us to 28th July PENTECOST, the coming of the HOLY SPIRIT. The HOLY SPIRIT requires seven Sabbaths as an announcement plus the fifty days is a jubilee to forgive your debt There is protocol to follow GODS HOLY SPIRIT is leaving a very HOLY place to enter a very sinful domain HE must temporally forgive us our debts, that’s where the separate 50 days comes in.

That’s why we’re in trouble now because the

That’s why we’re in trouble now because the fool Government handed the people’s money over to the greedy private Banks who implemented their ponzi schemes

The people created the wealth in the first place, the Government should only be the Care Taker of that wealth keeping it safe from those that event business models to increase their own wealth by way of exorbitant salaries

The Government is the people and should implement a system that they have complete control over especially in regard to services for the people and that system is called Socialism, after all aren’t the “social programs” such as Facebook highly successful?

Socialism should be applied to one Bank, one Insurance office, one cell phone company only; Socialism should never be applied to hospitals, schools, social services this would suggest that Socialism eventually will control the People and as I have said before the People must control this system otherwise like a fire it will rage out of control taking over everything and annihilating the middle class and eventually free enterprise also.


There are some that will say in these the LAST DAYS (Jesus Christ is here or over there) don’t believe them, The Apostle Paul warned us there would be another christ in other words  (false christs) lots of them Matthew 24:5, compare Rev6:2 at this point You are letting the Bible interpret it’s self or Jesus Christ is doing it for You.

There is only one way to make sure where The True Christ is and that’s to celebrate The Last Supper with HIM,automatically  He ‘s right beside YOU

At the Last Supper one of the last Words of  Jesus Christ was “Remember”

Because the World Churches follow the Roman Calendar and not the original Luna Calendar from GOD they have gone astray divorcing themselves from the TRUTH. Jesus Christ died on the 14th of nissan which was a Wednesday the next day 15th Nissan was a Sabbath (The first day of unleavened bread) the body was taken off the Cross before 6pm which is the end of one day and the start of another, Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night He was in the grave, He rose approx 6 pm Saturday evening He was not there next morning What did Jesus Christ say, He would be in the grave “3 days and 3 nights” 72 hours in total. NOT Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. This christ is a fake.

We have been coned into following the Roman time system the days finish in the middle of the night instead of GOD’S day which finishes at 6 pm and starts at 6 am (7 o’clock is the first hour) Jesus said “Are there not 12 hours in a day and night” Christ died at the 9 th hour Roman time 3 pm

Unfortunately you have missed this year’s Last Supper (which was on the 22 April 6pm) but next year You will have the opportunity to be part of the (THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST) officially, and become a “babe” in Christ, this does’t mean You can’t accept Jesus Christ right now, and be spiritually SAVED but WE must hurry and pray that NOT one Thermal Nuclear missile is launched, because more will follow, we must physically Save as many people as possible in the “Noah’s Ark” of the future.

Don’t look for this name The Church of Jesus Christ in any Earthly registry as the World churches must do under Satan’s system to gain approval to operate. The Church of Jesus Christ doesn’t require the approval of Satan who is the god of this world (age) 2 Corinthians 4 v 4   As Jesus said the Kingdom of GOD will be registered within YOU Luke 17:21

Fascism or Socialism

Is Capitalism “dead”? No but it has changed, there is now large scale Socialistic ideals stealthily being implemented   that Karl Marx would be proud to be associated with and which supposable will save us, as witnessed recently by Reserve Banks propping up domestic Banks together with large corporations, but if asked, these same Companies would fervently deny that they had participated in Socialism, that sort of thing only applies to the poor. 

 Will these same Corporations now admit that there has been a combination of Socialism and Capitalism operating? And that true Capitalism is on the wane and Socialism is coming to the front. Unregulated Capitalism progresses to the point of ONE company running everything, and today we have progressed to the stage where many multi nationals are now controlling governments, and having their wishes implemented above the wishes of the people, it’s as if the World doesn’t know if it wants Fascism or Socialism as a World system ) both have their roles to play in a modern economy (If Controlled,) if one system dominates it will ultimately destroy the whole system Communism failed because Socialism had completely taken control, in the case of Capitalism failing multinationals in league with governments categorizes (Fascism) small business are dying, and we see large corporations squeezing ordinary entrepreneurs out, while these M.N’s reward their CEO’s with large remunerations to get rid of  small businesses. Because the Main St banks finance these Killers of the Free Market they themselves delved into speculation into the Housing market (with the help of deregulation) instead of concentrated on Small to medium Business. In other words they took over control of the money, from the Lawful custodians of the Public Purse, the Government.  

If the Government had not relinquished POWER of the Public Purse Money to the Private Speculative Banks and had been solely responsible for the Housing Loan market, it would be hard to see the current situation developing, and out of control. A responsible Government would have applied the brakes at the first signs of trouble, and besides a true Peoples Central Bank would only be allowed to speculate with the approval of the people. Let’s not confuse the People’s Central Bank mentioned here with the private speculative today’s banks of America, and not forgetting how the Private FED came into being in 1913, taking CONTROL of the Public Purse from the Government.

Unless the World recognizes what is really happening there is a danger that the economies of countries and certain institutions will perpetually be dependent on “handouts”, and this can only happen if they print more money, and of course we are living the results of that scenario today.

There has to be a return to honest Capitalism, (Small Businesses employing people as the basic starting point). Happy is the person who has a JOB, may well the People say (We have no time to demonstrate, there is a JOB, money waiting). 

The worst scenario is the World slides into either Socialism or Fascism totally   and small businesses disappear altogether, a sure recipe for social discontent, the backbone of all economies will be broken.  My question is; is this some sort of master plan to destabilize the Human race and wipe us out as a species?   

The war, between Socialism and Capitalism is in full swing, some countries such as Australia leaning towards Communism and America towards Fascism it makes for interesting future scenarios it is painfully obvious that Socialism or Fascism   is trying to dominate our “Free” economy. It could eventually lead us to the Mother of all Wars Armageddon, and come to think of it, what does war require; The sacrifice of countless young lives, and the destruction of their places of work, there appears to be forces at work in which we as the Human race are being led to our own slaughter, this should be fertile ground for the Conspirators to be actively considering (Is the planet under attack, and by what)?    

Riots, discontent, rebellion, young people being mentally manipulated and primed for WAR; In their present angry state it will be easy to convince them to Kill one another.

They’re has to be a clear plan to calm the Masses especially the young and steer the World away from total destruction, but any such plan to dismantle the present “System” will result in some pain, the oligarchy, elite etc will fight to keep their money, jobs, and perks. 

The present (English) system of Government has to be thrown out, it doesn’t matter if you call them congressmen, senator, the titles still refer to Lords, Ladies, Earls, etc. These people relied on the Kings of the day for their handouts, sound familiar?         

We must implement a two tier Government, an elected Head of State and Counties with elected Captains. The funds for the Counties will come directly from a Peoples Central Bank, who’s main commission will be Revenue collection, Housing loans, Health and Education Insurance in the form of Credits, that can only be spent in those establishments, if one ends up in hospital you pay your bill with what Credits you have saved together with the Governments contributions, this will depend on the Sovereign wealth of each country. The present system of Governments giving “free” Hospital, education will collapse and must do so. Private Schools, and hospitals will be encouraged and they will be paid also with Credits that you have saved together with what the Government can afford to give you.

The ONLY institutions that will be controlled socially will be the People’s Central Bank, government Insurance office, and a digital money supplied via cell phone technology. 

True Capitalism will reign supreme and Socialism will at last be under the control of the people.     


But the crooked system controls everything Government, Media, Banks, YOU.

And not forgetting there’s more people not Americans relying on your Country.

What the rest of us want is for America not to become a Fascist Corporation, where dissent is forbidden and big corporations control our lives, currently the Government is trying to operate on Socialistic ideals. (Financing Car plants, Banks etc.)

It’s as if we haven’t learnt anything from History, when one System dominates such as Capitalism that System will bring down every thing, when Socialism dominates it to will bring down society.

What‘s the answer? Capitalism is the force to drive an economy, if controlled, why would you want, eventually, ONE company running everything.

Socialism must never be allowed to control the People, it should be the other way around, People are the ones that must control that System, and it should only be applied to the People’s Purse the Central Bank, Insurance and Currency transfer Cell-phone’s.

But there has been demonization of Socialism, which means it frightens us; what Power has forced us to reject a System that Mankind could utilize to his advantage, if he controls it.

The Perfect System! An elected head of State plus elected Captains of Counties a Socially controlled Bank financing those Counties directly.

Abolish the Oligarchy; transfer Power directly to the People.

Democracy, Honest Capitalism, and most importantly a socially controlled public purse after all the masses created the wealth in the first place, why would the representatives of the people hand over control of money to private concerns to bet with.  

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