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Princess Diana

 But we now have extra evidence that poor unfortunate girl (Diana) was used in a cloning operation to replicate our Lord Jesus Christ who’s blood was retrieved from the Shroud of Turin, the DNA extracted from that Blood to fertilize an egg obtained from that Christian lady, Diana who worked tirelessly for the abolition of land mines and would never have stood for William to be used in such an evil way, so she had to be got rid of, (why did the ambulance take one hour forty minutes to get to the hospital because it gave someone time to do something to her)  she was against the evils of land mines how much more against the ultimate evil that is going to take place in Jerusalem and what a perfect mother in death.

 Ronn Wyatt confirmed when the Ark of the Covenant was unearthed (from below the crucifixion site) that the Blood analyzed from the Mercy Seat only contained a Y chromosome, when this is combined with Diana’s DNA, fertilization commences, Satan then will have successfully created another Jesus Christ, LITTERALY, forget about the fake Jesus’s of the goddess Ester (easter) you know the one the Romans worshiped during Constantine’s time giving out “eggs, rabbits”, and the image of the goddess of fertility, Ester  a woman holding a baby, (and you thought this represented HOLY MARY) who the church of Rome categorically maintains everyone must worship Ester not only this will be law in the new world order but everyone must observe Sunday as the Sabbath. It will be “sin” to go against the law and “church” they will quote a scripture (sin is the transgression of the law) and the penalty of sin is death.    

 Satan has organized that when the third Temple in Jerusalem is finished and the Pope of Rome goes there who will proclaim he is God (he already tells everyone he is the son of God) and gives all power to William as King of the New world order there by uniting two religions into One faith on earth, and proclaiming “Peace” the seven years of tribulation begin, one world faith, one world bank, god (Pope) and jesus (on earth with us.

Half way through the seven years the 144,000 are called up 12,000 each from the tribes of Israel, 12,000 from the tribe of Simeon and Levi each who are the Jews of today, also Benjamin who live in that part of the world, if you doubt these words are not pertaining to us read Genesis 49:17 today the Danish consider themselves Israelite or tribe of Dan, the British did uttered these words at the coronations of their kings and queens then decided to suspend this word in modern times.

But where is the church (the Bride) she is comprised of countless number of people already alive and a great multitude of Souls who are dead in CHRIST Name hiding at a place of safety waiting for the Groom as Paul quotes what is important is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and we can only get that on the day of Pentecost.    



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