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CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST (Feast of Trumpets)

The FEAST of TRUMPETS, the heralding or warning to the people of something coming or already here, providential to our world today.

Leviticus 23:23, 24. The FEAST this year is on the first New Moon of Ethanim or in the Roman calendar 5th of September, this Thursday

Because we as humans can’t please GOD the least we must do is to observe HIS Holy Days and Sabbaths, perhaps the Holy Spirit will teach us how to improve.

But consider this, all this adds up to the thousand years rule of Christ, if you die now and have accepted Jesus Christ as YOUR Saviour you will continue through the thousand years but, if You are not one of Christ’s You will miss out living though the most beautiful time in history. There will be lots of gnashing of teeth, and kicking of oneself. The rest of the dead lived not until the thousand years were finished  Rev 20:5


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