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A world war is on the horizon the nation of Ephraim (America) is being purposely weakened internally her young men are being conditioned mentally to be sick of war’s unlike Russia, China, Iran, etc. young men are stronger mentally and it is prophesied that  Ephraim will fall Isaiah 7:8 if She goes to Syria.    

God says he created everything and in six days started the clock but there were things left over from the first creation example fossils in million year rocks He left them so we would have a discipline called archeology He doesn’t want us to be bored He put Satan on this world He could have put him at the end of the universe but he put him here to deceive us with lies and give us a choice listen to God or Satan  

Archaeologists dig up rocks with fossils of strange creatures embedded in them these are clearly older than six thousand years old

As a Christian you have to believe that God was responsible for Evolution also a special Creation six thousand years back

After the thousand years of Christ’s rule mankind reverts back to being an animal why because we get sick of technology plus Satan is released from jail and deceives the world again Rev 20: 3


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