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A world war is on the horizon the nation of Ephraim (America) is being purposely weakened internally her young men are being conditioned mentally to be sick of war’s unlike Russia, China, Iran, etc. young men are stronger mentally and it is prophesied that  Ephraim will fall Isaiah 7:8 if She goes to Syria.    

God says he created everything and in six days started the clock but there were things left over from the first creation example fossils in million year rocks He left them so we would have a discipline called archeology He doesn’t want us to be bored He put Satan on this world He could have put him at the end of the universe but he put him here to deceive us with lies and give us a choice listen to God or Satan  

Archaeologists dig up rocks with fossils of strange creatures embedded in them these are clearly older than six thousand years old

As a Christian you have to believe that God was responsible for Evolution also a special Creation six thousand years back

After the thousand years of Christ’s rule mankind reverts back to being an animal why because we get sick of technology plus Satan is released from jail and deceives the world again Rev 20: 3



Those Women mentioned in the Bible one is the great whore who is drunk on the blood of the Saints Rev 17: 6 and the other Woman is the Church Christ builds, who is taken to a place of safety. Consider Noah’s Ark as example  also the wilderness where The Woman and her offspring ( the commandment keeping ones) will be safe, it will have to be a country that has had no wars fought on its soil, and be easily protected by Angles

No matter if the Truth upsets some individuals it will be proclaimed, Satan gives the World the “finger” telling us he can produce any disaster and get away with it CIA, JFK, 9/11, the rapid rise of Obama to the White House, the destruction of the Constitution, the takeover of the American government by the Zionists, deceiving Israel in ancient times to take action against Christ. now pushing the US to war, this will be the second time Satan has controlled the Jewish People, the nullifying of millions of peoples brains to invent a jesus in their imagination as a crutch instead of a REAL SAVIOUR.

And the latest supposed act of Satan, the blood of Jesus Christ  Ronn Wyatt discovered when the Ark of the Covenant was found was stolen and the DNA impregnated into a surrogate  mother, we now have a clone of Jesus Christ walking on the Earth, there’s also another anti-christ and this one has muscle to back him up, but the difference with the clone Christ is people will love him and accept him as a god. This is the one who will go to the third Temple in Jerusalem and pollute the HOLY PLACE with his phoniness.

But wait there is another scenario, the blood from the Ark of the Covenant was not used for the cloning but “they ” used the blood from the Shroud of Turin, this is more plausible, allowing for the child to grow up to be at the right age (30)) mirroring Christ.

But what about if the thing is a baby now? And Satan transforms it into creature, I personally think he could do this, if this is the case the people will be forced to love the god, with the idea that the false christ is already an established figure much respected and loved by people other than British citizens the people will be deceived willingly no need to force the matter.

We have to wait and see who or what steps into the third Temple in Jerusalem, to open the ARK and retrieve the ten Commandments.

 If one continues to read Rev 12 : 17 You will find the Children of this woman (CHURCH keeping the Commandments of God:) Maybe this frightens You, it’s too much (strong meat) Heb 5 : 12 what then because we’re under Grace we trash the Law Rom 6 : 14,15


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