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That’s why we’re in trouble now because the

That’s why we’re in trouble now because the fool Government handed the people’s money over to the greedy private Banks who implemented their ponzi schemes

The people created the wealth in the first place, the Government should only be the Care Taker of that wealth keeping it safe from those that event business models to increase their own wealth by way of exorbitant salaries

The Government is the people and should implement a system that they have complete control over especially in regard to services for the people and that system is called Socialism, after all aren’t the “social programs” such as Facebook highly successful?

Socialism should be applied to one Bank, one Insurance office, one cell phone company only; Socialism should never be applied to hospitals, schools, social services this would suggest that Socialism eventually will control the People and as I have said before the People must control this system otherwise like a fire it will rage out of control taking over everything and annihilating the middle class and eventually free enterprise also.


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