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Fascism or Socialism

Is Capitalism “dead”? No but it has changed, there is now large scale Socialistic ideals stealthily being implemented   that Karl Marx would be proud to be associated with and which supposable will save us, as witnessed recently by Reserve Banks propping up domestic Banks together with large corporations, but if asked, these same Companies would fervently deny that they had participated in Socialism, that sort of thing only applies to the poor. 

 Will these same Corporations now admit that there has been a combination of Socialism and Capitalism operating? And that true Capitalism is on the wane and Socialism is coming to the front. Unregulated Capitalism progresses to the point of ONE company running everything, and today we have progressed to the stage where many multi nationals are now controlling governments, and having their wishes implemented above the wishes of the people, it’s as if the World doesn’t know if it wants Fascism or Socialism as a World system ) both have their roles to play in a modern economy (If Controlled,) if one system dominates it will ultimately destroy the whole system Communism failed because Socialism had completely taken control, in the case of Capitalism failing multinationals in league with governments categorizes (Fascism) small business are dying, and we see large corporations squeezing ordinary entrepreneurs out, while these M.N’s reward their CEO’s with large remunerations to get rid of  small businesses. Because the Main St banks finance these Killers of the Free Market they themselves delved into speculation into the Housing market (with the help of deregulation) instead of concentrated on Small to medium Business. In other words they took over control of the money, from the Lawful custodians of the Public Purse, the Government.  

If the Government had not relinquished POWER of the Public Purse Money to the Private Speculative Banks and had been solely responsible for the Housing Loan market, it would be hard to see the current situation developing, and out of control. A responsible Government would have applied the brakes at the first signs of trouble, and besides a true Peoples Central Bank would only be allowed to speculate with the approval of the people. Let’s not confuse the People’s Central Bank mentioned here with the private speculative today’s banks of America, and not forgetting how the Private FED came into being in 1913, taking CONTROL of the Public Purse from the Government.

Unless the World recognizes what is really happening there is a danger that the economies of countries and certain institutions will perpetually be dependent on “handouts”, and this can only happen if they print more money, and of course we are living the results of that scenario today.

There has to be a return to honest Capitalism, (Small Businesses employing people as the basic starting point). Happy is the person who has a JOB, may well the People say (We have no time to demonstrate, there is a JOB, money waiting). 

The worst scenario is the World slides into either Socialism or Fascism totally   and small businesses disappear altogether, a sure recipe for social discontent, the backbone of all economies will be broken.  My question is; is this some sort of master plan to destabilize the Human race and wipe us out as a species?   

The war, between Socialism and Capitalism is in full swing, some countries such as Australia leaning towards Communism and America towards Fascism it makes for interesting future scenarios it is painfully obvious that Socialism or Fascism   is trying to dominate our “Free” economy. It could eventually lead us to the Mother of all Wars Armageddon, and come to think of it, what does war require; The sacrifice of countless young lives, and the destruction of their places of work, there appears to be forces at work in which we as the Human race are being led to our own slaughter, this should be fertile ground for the Conspirators to be actively considering (Is the planet under attack, and by what)?    

Riots, discontent, rebellion, young people being mentally manipulated and primed for WAR; In their present angry state it will be easy to convince them to Kill one another.

They’re has to be a clear plan to calm the Masses especially the young and steer the World away from total destruction, but any such plan to dismantle the present “System” will result in some pain, the oligarchy, elite etc will fight to keep their money, jobs, and perks. 

The present (English) system of Government has to be thrown out, it doesn’t matter if you call them congressmen, senator, the titles still refer to Lords, Ladies, Earls, etc. These people relied on the Kings of the day for their handouts, sound familiar?         

We must implement a two tier Government, an elected Head of State and Counties with elected Captains. The funds for the Counties will come directly from a Peoples Central Bank, who’s main commission will be Revenue collection, Housing loans, Health and Education Insurance in the form of Credits, that can only be spent in those establishments, if one ends up in hospital you pay your bill with what Credits you have saved together with the Governments contributions, this will depend on the Sovereign wealth of each country. The present system of Governments giving “free” Hospital, education will collapse and must do so. Private Schools, and hospitals will be encouraged and they will be paid also with Credits that you have saved together with what the Government can afford to give you.

The ONLY institutions that will be controlled socially will be the People’s Central Bank, government Insurance office, and a digital money supplied via cell phone technology. 

True Capitalism will reign supreme and Socialism will at last be under the control of the people.     


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