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But the crooked system controls everything Government, Media, Banks, YOU.

And not forgetting there’s more people not Americans relying on your Country.

What the rest of us want is for America not to become a Fascist Corporation, where dissent is forbidden and big corporations control our lives, currently the Government is trying to operate on Socialistic ideals. (Financing Car plants, Banks etc.)

It’s as if we haven’t learnt anything from History, when one System dominates such as Capitalism that System will bring down every thing, when Socialism dominates it to will bring down society.

What‘s the answer? Capitalism is the force to drive an economy, if controlled, why would you want, eventually, ONE company running everything.

Socialism must never be allowed to control the People, it should be the other way around, People are the ones that must control that System, and it should only be applied to the People’s Purse the Central Bank, Insurance and Currency transfer Cell-phone’s.

But there has been demonization of Socialism, which means it frightens us; what Power has forced us to reject a System that Mankind could utilize to his advantage, if he controls it.

The Perfect System! An elected head of State plus elected Captains of Counties a Socially controlled Bank financing those Counties directly.

Abolish the Oligarchy; transfer Power directly to the People.

Democracy, Honest Capitalism, and most importantly a socially controlled public purse after all the masses created the wealth in the first place, why would the representatives of the people hand over control of money to private concerns to bet with.  


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