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New World Order

The US Deficit is a giant credit card and America is about to throw that “card” in the garbage bin, But the Government isn’t worried, because they have a NEW Reserve Currency coming, to take the place of the Green-back,(which is losing its value) It’s part of the “New World Order”. The current Money chaos has been carefully orchestrated to push the Masses into civil disobedience so Martial Law can be easily implemented. One has to ask, was it deliberate and dishonest of the Government in creating such a huge Deficit in the first place? We know why they did it, to acquire more POWER throughout the World by way of    crooked financial institutions. (A famous quote; When I own the BANK, I care not who makes the laws.     

 If elected how will PAUL work with the TWO HORNS that make up the US Gov, 

The CIA and MAFIA; One has to refer to the Bible to explain this. There rose (In the Last Days) a great dragon with two horns, (meaning a Fascist Republic)   


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