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Dear President Noy of the Philippines. Please give our Farmers an area within the NFA compounds to sell their 50kilo bags of Rice to ANYONE, these people will repack into smaller quantities, if their customers want to purchase one fourth, so be it, we have to end the Socialistic (Government controlled) method of distributing our precious Rice; and opt for Government plus Free enterprise working together.

Our Farmers are entitled to medical help, and help to send their Kids to school, plus Dryers installed in your NFA compounds.

Sir, of course the big question is how are we going to pay for all this?

There is only one option; Declare Martial Law! Ok, there will be no Troops in the streets it would be a pseudo martial law in the past Martial Law has been implemented for selfish reasons, here’s a opportunity to do the same for the opposite reason, the beneficiaries will be the Farmers, we must obtain funds to increase the Public Purse and break from the current system.

The Congress and Senate, Governors, Mayors, have to go, the Barangays will become the Peoples Grass roots link to Government, (TRUE DEMOCRACY), and receive funds direct from Manila. no matter what they’re called, today  Congressman, Senators, the terms mean the same, Lord and Lady Muck, Mayor etc, it was started by England to distribute the Funds of the Public Purse to already wealthy land owners consequently the ground work was implemented for the so called Elite, Oligarchy of today.

We must decide to adhear to a new World Order under Satan or N.W.O. under GOD The Almighty.  

The New Lawmakers of Government will consist of 42+ thousand mainstreet Lawyers one for each Barangay, the people will be empowered with Rights to directly Vote on Bills presented for consideration. Barangays will have their own Lawyer, and employ Nurses to monitor the health of the people plus correct any unsanitary situations.

Barangays close to the Sierra Madre will prepare for the construction of a giant canal from north Luzon to Angat dam then to Laguna de bay and finally to Manila Bay, this will not only relieve the the stress at drought time, if they remember to close the gates, but will put a stop to flooding at Monsoon season, at least the west will only have to contend with their water, nothing will come from the East. Perhaps the installation of wind electric generators on Sierra madre would alleviate the cost of power to the people   

All monies will be held by a revamped Banco Central, who will issue Cards to our Farmers so same can obtain medical help and send their Kids to School.

Sir, I believe people will be falling over themselves to grow Rice, we may well become a Exporter of same.

With the Treasury flush with funds, we can reorganize the Coast Guard too; they require shoal draft catamarans, complete with helicopter landing facilities, and Scud Missile capability, of course let’s not stop there, why not a humongous area for a stay-in University and Ship building facility.

Sir, any kid would be eligible to put on a uniform and attend classes to learn the many trades associated with the New Coast Guard, a photo would show a little kid in a smart uniform together with the words “Your Country NEEDS YOU”

Sir, I know your Father and Spiritual Father are helping.

PS. Sir, we will celebrate the New System and maybe, change the Spanish name Peso to a Filipino sounding one such as Rizal, Congratulations to you Sir on your Operation Zambo repeat the same figuratively in Manila surround the congress, senate compounds with army call a Junta tell the members of those houses to look for a new job    


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